What is a Child Panel?

A child panel is something we offer for people who want to resell our services. It creates you a website that re-lists all our services which allows your to set a profit mark-up on your end.

The appearance has themes that look like this:

View Here

The admin dashboard info is here:

View Here

We will do everything for you and guide you along the way! When you create this panel, all orders will automatically be placed with us. Any support ticket s you have can also be FWD to us. Any questions please open a ticket and we can assist.

How To Order?

Step 1:

Type in the Domain(www.******.com) you want to use. If you don't already have a domain, please buy one HERE.

If you already have a domain, please update the NameServers to the ones showed below:

(You can do this in your DNS Settings)

Step 2:

Create an Admin User and Pass to log into the backend of your Child Panel. (Write this down and don't forget it!)

Step 3:

Submit the order. We charge $20/month for Hosting